We’re a community of photographers who created a community darkroom 

Aire Street Darkroom is a community-run not-for-profit darkroom a (very) short walk from Leeds Railway Station. It’s one of the only black and white analogue darkrooms that enables photographers and printmakers in the North of England to process their own films and make their own photographic prints. The facilities are available to those who join as members and it’s as simple as booking onto a printing session.

We set up Aire Street Darkroom in 2017, not just so there was a place in Leeds to make photographs, but because we like the social aspect that photography can bring. We like to get together to make prints together, to see what we’re all working on and even to continue discussions outside of the darkroom. We’re really keen for new people to join so we can grow this community.

It’s for photographers of all abilities

We provide training courses in darkroom techniques for beginners and advanced users, under the expert tutelage of John Arnison, a professional photographer (with more years experience than he’d care to mention) and a former tutor of black and white photography at Leeds University of Arts.


For complete beginners, we offer 5 week introductory courses to teach you the basic techniques of developing and printing. Once you’ve been through the course and joined the darkroom collective, you can book onto printing sessions and you’re off!  

To view and book courses please visit our Eventbrite page.

For those with more advanced skills, you can book onto the printing sessions following our induction session which gets you up to speed with how we do things. If you have specific skills or techniques you’d like to learn, get in touch and we can tailor a workshop or class to help you develop your skillset.

We can also run courses on using your film camera, so that you capture those decisive moments which (with a little practice) can then be turned into beautiful prints. If you can’t find what you’re looking for don’t hesitate to get in touch and we’ll see what we can do.

Printing and Developing Sessions

Currently we run printing sessions twice a week, 6-9pm on Wednesdays and 2pm-5pm 

Attending printing sessions requires payment of the annual membership fee of £60. Each 3 hour session is then charged at £20, bargain (did we mention we’re a not-for-profit). More information on membership can be found here.

There is an induction session from 1.30pm on Sundays for half an hour if it’s your first time, you can book this, and your sessions using Smoothbooks here

Come and find out more

If you’ve got your hands on an old film camera that you’re curious about, you’ve found a hoard of undeveloped film in a box in the attic or you simply fancy having a go in a darkroom, get in touch on eyup@airestreetdarkroom.co.uk and arrange to come down and see us.